Meet Fergie

Meet Fergie. The little grey tractor with a secret - he’s alive!

Little Grey Fergie is a world of stories and activities for kids of all ages. Fergie’s online home is a place for kids and grown-ups to watch videos and play together.

Kids can get to know Fergie, his farm and his friends in seven bite-sized videos: A Week With Fergie. Each episode has fun stuff to enjoy, and plenty of ideas to get kids exploring the things Fergie cares about.


That’s what makes Little Grey Fergie a bit different. We want to help get kids talking about the world around them, and give them opportunities to play away from the screen.

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Who is Fergie?

You might recognise Fergie. He’s famous all over the world as Massey Ferguson’s legendary TE20 tractor, which revolutionised farming in the 1950s. He’s a well-loved icon with a rich history, instantly recognisable to anyone who knows their way around a farmyard.



Long before the Little Grey Fergie team gave him eyes, he was a tractor with soul. We know he has a special place in the hearts of his many fans, and we’re delighted to bring him to life for a new generation. There’s always been something magical about Fergie...


Fergie's Journey

Fergie’s roots go back to Coventry, in the heart of the English countryside, and that’s where our Little Grey Fergie’s adventures take place today. But he’s had quite a journey since his humble beginnings...


Little Grey Fergie was created by Norway's Fantasi-Fabrikken, and Gråtass (his Norwegian name) has become a cultural phenomenon since 1995, captivating the imagination of children all over Norway. After several television series, two feature films, ten music albums, live shows, and more than fifteen books, Fantasi-Fabrikken decided it was time to bring Fergie home to the UK.



A Week With Fergie is just the beginning. Leave your email address below if you'd like to keep updated on Fergie’s adventures.


Fergie’s Values

Little Grey Fergie is full of fun, mischief and silliness, but there’s lots of good stuff for kids to learn about too.


Here’s a list of the things Fergie and his friends care about.

Fergie's Top 10 Values:

1. Be frugal; mend and reuse things

2. Spend time on the things that are really important to you

3. Keep your surroundings clean and tidy

4. Eat healthy fruits and vegetables

5. Take care of animals and nature

6. Enjoy life in the here and now

7. Take care of your friends and family

8. Take care of old things

9. Show respect for others

10. Share joy